Bicycle HONOR EDITION Playing Cards. A smart way to guess your card

Almost three years ago I had the opportunity to meet JL MAGIC, a group of kind and enthusiastic professionals that has become Korea’s most important magic products wholesaler. Their catalog of magical items is the largest in Asia and their playing cards supply is huge, as well as having their own production. Some of these decks are sold exclusively in the Korean market but others become available for the international market.

As a Bicycle Playing Cards collector, it is not easy to be aware of the endless production that the USPCC makes for different companies around the globe. One of those creations, primarily designed for magicians and produced by JL Magic, is the BICYCLE HONOR EDITION deck.



BICYCLE HONOR is, apparently, just another standard Bicycle deck. However, inside the box, it hides several details that make it very special and that will delight magicians from all over the world.



On the one hand, the cards have been printed on a thinner paper that gives them more elasticity. On the other hand, it uses the Maiden back, very well known and used in many decks (more and more each time due to the restrictions over the Rider Back). In addition, as a deck designed for magic, the aces are larger than usual and it also includes two special gaff cards (blank face and double blank) for magical effects.



But what is really relevant about this deck is precisely on the back, since it contains an interesting marking system that allows to identify the suit and the number of each card in a clear but very discreet way. Find below the 2 of spades ;)



Although I have had access to the marking system, I prefer not to reveal it in this article, but those who get this deck will be able to find a new, intelligent and very original mechanism to recognize any card just looking at the back. It is therefore a perfect deck for any card magic trick since its secret goes completely unnoticed by the spectator.

If you like this deck, you can wait your dealer stocks it or you can also get it directly on the JL Magic website and take advantage to order any of their many items in stock. In addition, shipping is free for orders over $100.

Enjoy the magic!