BICYCLE SYNDICATE Playing Cards. The beauty of the passion and teamwork

This deck is very special for me as it is the result of a collaboration of Max Playing Cards with Michael Encarnacao, the talented designer behind Shapeshifters. His awesome designs full of details and elegance have always impressed me and we have talked about working together in a deck for a long time. Gambler’s Warehouse has just released the result of this work: BICYCLE SYNDICATE.

Syndicate represents the union of the passion for design and for playing cards. Combining advanced 3D technologies with the most traditional techniques, the inspiration is teamwork, in which pieces and gears fit harmoniously to show beauty.

The best of both worlds has been combined in these cards full of positive energy, with elaborated details and metallic textures and shines in elegant and intricate but clean and very playable faces.



The back represents a complex structure where metals are combined with precious gems and mechanisms that seem to hide a real treasure.



Card faces, on a white background, keep a perfect neatness for magic routines or table games. Pips on numbered cards look like jewelry and fit with the elaborate aesthetics of four huge and beautiful aces.



The court cards, completely customized, follow a traditional scheme, which guarantees their playability.



Jokers represent day and night, an allegory of the tireless work of those who, with their talent, strive to create beauty and turn it into magnificent decks like this one.



Of course, it will be Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC in a limited print run of 2500 decks.

This is an only 15 days campaign and it is almost funded so, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!