BOSCH Playing Cards. An outpouring of pictorial fantasy in a transformation puzzle

The Flemish school bequeathed humanity great masters of painting between the 15th and 16th centuries. One of the most enigmatic artists in this school was Jheronimus van Aken, also known as Jheronimus Bosch (and El Bosco in Spain). Observing any of his works allows us to dive into a unique world, full of strange characters and fantastic creatures, through oil paintings made on large wooden boards such as the Garden of Earthly Delights, the Last Judgment or The Temptation of St. Anthony. Inspired by the work of this painting genius, Sunish Chabba (Guru Playing Card Company) offers us a beautiful and original deck: BOSCH.

The BOSCH deck is much more than a set of playing cards. It is a huge work of art divided into 54 unique and individual pieces that bring an entire universe to life. As in the master’s works, all the corners of these cards hide carefully illustrated details for an impressive composition.



The cards combine the essence of a transformation deck, in which the suits interact in the scene as elements integrated into it, with the nature of a puzzle deck, in which the dynamism of the characters is accentuated by their connection with those depicted in the other cards they are connected to.



The enormous dedication put into each of the strokes used for this creation reveals the artist’s passion for the well-done work to offer a unique article full of sensitivity and talent.



Those who back the project will also receive an exclusive card paying tribute to E.C. Escher where where Bosch characters go up and down his impossible staircase, thus combining the style of both masters.



Printing process is a delicate aspect in this project since it any tiny error can ruin the puzzle effect. For this reason, Sunish has counted on Legends Playing Cards Company since they can guarantee a correct impression and respect for color and registration.

The campaign is already funded. If you want to get this beautiful deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!