Celtic decks. Celtic history, culture and legend in asymmetrical and symmetrical cards


Cultúrlán Enterprises is a company created to help make history and mythology more accessible generally, by transforming aspects of it into artwork (and games) and placing that artwork on commonly used mediums (such as glassware, apparel and, of course, playing cards). All of their art is designed by Medieval Studies Professor James Acken and contains detail rich with symbolism.

They launched last year the Celtic Playing Cards. I was in contact with Todd Silverstein, one of the four members of this cool company, as I wanted to know more about the deck and the related projects.

The project was so succesful that they were able to print not only one but two decks, both Bicycle branded. The decks were centered upon a collection of Celtic heroes and deities; one with an Asymmetrical design (i.e. different opposing figures on the Court cards), and the other with the more traditional Symmetrical design (i.e. the same figure in opposition to itself on the Court cards). Each deck has a unique Tuck box as well as unique card backs and Jokers.



The decks were designed to incorporate traditional symbolism while highlighting relevant aspects of mythology and history through the artwork. As a result, not only do the decks showcase intricately designed art, they also tell a story. The decks are already available for purchase in their website were you can also better understand the details of each story through explanations of the figures and symbolism.

Due to the nature of the Symmetrical design, half of the figures showcased in the Asymmetrical deck were left off. For that reason, Cultúrlán staff plan to release quite soon a second campaign to fund another Symmetrical deck, to display those figures left off, and to complete the set.

If you like the design, go to the website to buy your decks and keep conected to Max Playing Cards to know when the new campaign is on so you can complete the collection.