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05 November

AVALON Playing Cards. A deck worthy of a legendary king

Elevated by Celtic mythology to the category of immortal hero, Arturo is one of the most popular kings thanks to literature and cinema. Few are those who know and many who speculate with his authentic origin but his history is full of adventures, magic and mysteries that are, undoubtedly, much more stimulating than his real life. Taking the name of one of the most important locations in the story of this epic king, a new and beautiful deck has been…

27 May

CELTIC MYTH Deck and ARD RÍ Strategic Card Game. The trilogy is completed

  In the Irish language, a cultúrlann is a place dedicated to preserving culture, some kind of sacred culture center. This name was slightly adapted by a group of friends to create Cultúrlán, a company devoted to preserve and promote the ancient mythology, history, and cultures.     Curtúrlán launched one year ago the Celtic decks, two symmetrical and asymmetrical decks depicting  a collection of Celtic heroes and deities. Now, they complete the trilogy releasing a campaign with a new…

07 September

Cultúrlán Celtic Myth deck. The dark side of the Celtic culture

  When I wrote about the Celtic decks by Culturlan some months ago, I mentioned they planned to launch a new campaign to fund a new symmetrical deck. The campaign is here: Cultúrlán Celtic Myth. This deck comes to complete the series adding some new characters not depicted in the previous cards: those representing the more chaotic, and at times, destructive forces.     The original artwork has been made by the Medieval Studies Professor, James Acken, and it is…

19 May

Celtic decks. Celtic history, culture and legend in asymmetrical and symmetrical cards

  Cultúrlán Enterprises is a company created to help make history and mythology more accessible generally, by transforming aspects of it into artwork (and games) and placing that artwork on commonly used mediums (such as glassware, apparel and, of course, playing cards). All of their art is designed by Medieval Studies Professor James Acken and contains detail rich with symbolism. They launched last year the Celtic Playing Cards. I was in contact with Todd Silverstein, one of the four members…

10 January

New deck: Bicycle “The Ancients”. Interesting design with Norse inspiration.

A new Bicycle deck on Kickstarter horizon: The Ancients. This deck shows an intrincate Celtic/Norse inspired design. Printed by the USPCC in Bicycle stock and Air Cushion finish, this deck will have 56 custom cards including 2 jokers and 2 gaff cards.     After changing the back into a simmetrical design, the creator, Brian Hakes, is taking in acount the card community opinion to review the court cards so keep informed about the evolution of the designs in the…