40 Years of Fear Playing Cards. Daddy! That shark has bitten my deck!


Despite the technological advances that have brought us each time greater special effects in films, thriller fans can still enjoy the old classics without losing emotion. That’s the case of “Jaws” (1975), the film that has terrorized all those who dare set foot on the beach. To celebrate this birthday, Scott King (Crooked Kings Cards) has got the license to reproduce the original drawings of the movie poster and has released a commemorative deck: 40 YEARS OF FEAR.



As usual in Scott’s campaigns, two different tuck boxes will be released. A Bicycle branded one and a Special Edition one. In search of something original for the Special Edition, a 360º die cut tuck box has been designed cut on the front, back, side, and top. The die is shaped like a shark bite. The add card accompanying the deck will be red backed and will work as a background creating a much more bloodthirsty appearance.



If you like the tuck boxes, you will enjoy the cards even more. Everything has been customized, including faces, pips and back. The court cards depict innocent swimmers in danger of becoming the lunch of the great sea beasts.



Hand made Illustration have a high level of detail and perfectly evoke the moments of tragedy already experienced by the hit movie fans.



The project is being funded quite well, and many surprises will be unlocked as stretch goals. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!