GRINDERS Playing Cards by Randy Butterfield. Make a lot of money, but slowly…

In poker slang, a grinder is the player who makes the game his profession, able to get money with many wins of small amounts. The artist Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company), known for a significant amount of previous works where quality and dedication are their hallmarks, has just released his latest creation: GRINDERS.

As he did before, Randy shows his mastery in this design with a successful combination of shapes, textures and colors. Greatly detailed elements with references to casino games like poker or roulette, are combined in the stunning card back.




The faces design is elegant, and keeps the essence of traditional cards (something quite relevant in a deck dedicated to the player), but at the same time it also has its own identity and personality with a in full customization of the classical deck.



Jokers, with a much more personal style close to the comic characters, fit the aesthetics of the court cards and include a prediction that will delight magicians.




The tuck case is a display of elegance. There will be no inks on it, but pure metal stamping in copper and silver.




The deck will be printed by Legends Playing Cards Company, that has previously worked with the artist with very satisfactory results. Randy did not want to reveal any of the possible stretch goals, which will be published throughout the project, but will include improvements on the tuck case, cards or even a second edition of the deck.

Just a little to get the funding goal so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!