ALICE IN WONDERLAND Playing Cards. Eat me, drink me, enjoy me

Sasha Dounaevski is a restless soul. Born in Belarus, when she was 18 traveled to Israel for a six-month adventure and she has been living there for 22 years. During all this time, she has trained and grown as a graphic designer and teacher at a local school. Photography, painting, handmade are some of her hobbies.

Interested in the crowdfunding philosophy, she found some playing card projects that amazed her and decided to create her own deck. Thus, she has just released her own interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece in her ALICE IN WONDERLAND Playing Cards.



Although there are many decks inspired by the adventures of Alice at the other side of the burrow, this is certainly something different and special. The artist originally thought about creating more “classic” illustrations with watercolors but she felt more comfortable with vector graphics and along two years (not without interruptions and some muse’s absences) Sasha has completed this fun, endearing and almost childish collection of illustrations full of tenderness and imagination.



The typography of indexes and pips are elegant and there are details everywhere, especially in the court cards that depict characters from different episodes of the story, from Cheshire to the evil queen of hearts.



The back shows the garden where Alice wanted to get so much.



Two jokers with magic foods that made Alice big and small and two special cards with the final scene of the novel complete the deck that will be printed by Legends Playing Cards in their Diamond finish.



The deck is available in indiegogo with reasonable prices. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



Did you know…

…the artist, Sasha Dounaevski, tattooed some illustrations from the deck in her hand and her tattoo master was the first one to contribute to the campaign?