CLOCKWORK EMPIRE CITY Playing Cards. The deck and the passage of time

After Halloween deck and Wonderland and Looking Glass decks,  Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks) has launched a new deck with his own style but with a very original concept: CLOCKWORK EMPIRE CITY.

The imagination of the artist is in the service of a different deck, with an aesthetic that reminds a lot his previous works in which the custom suits and indexes are the hallmark of the creator.



Inspired by a large clock and its mechanism, the designs make an austere but effective use of color, almost monochromatic, with green base tones and black and red details for the different suits.



However, what makes this deck more special is its conception as a work in motion. Both the faces and the backs contain different elements in each card that work together in a flip-book animation. Thus, the gears on the back move the whole mechanism seen from behind while, on the faces, the rotation of the clock hands shows the inexorable passage of time that is reinforced by the moving Latin quote “tempus fugit” (time flies). In addition, the crow of the Swabbed Decks logo boosts the flight to avoid getting stuck in the deck forever.



This time Stephen wanted to add to his good graphic work an excellent printing quality and that is why the decks will be printed by the USPCC.

If you like it, help make it a reality by visiting the project website and pledging at any level. All the tiers include free shipping worldwide so the opportunity can not be better.

Good luck!