BICYCLE HESSLERS RIDER BACK Playing Cards. Color and tradition of the most popular deck

At the very beginning of 2016 I had the opportunity to tell you about Matt Hessler and his Bicycle Hesslers deck. Matt wanted to give his passion for card games a touch of color with an original but traditional deck. Hesslers did very well and Matt has just released a second edition: BICYCLE HESSLERS RIDER BACK.



In this new deck, Matt wanted to take into account all the feedback and suggestions of those who have been able to enjoy the first one. Without losing the essence, using a different color for each suit, there have been some relevant changes in this new edition.



One of the aspects Matt wanted to deal with was the face cleanliness. To make the deck easier to read, the side script in the first edition have been removed, slightly reducing the color saturation.



The backs use the Rider design instead of the Maiden of the first edition. Furthermore, they are no longer colored. USPCC’s policy from 2018 prevents any type of modification on the Rider Back so Matt decided to keep the originals to be, on the one hand, true to the roots and , on the other, to make its use more familiar in card games.



Jokers are informative cards with a list of Texas Hold’em Poker hands.



The result is a deck that preserves the originality of its predecessor but with changes that make it more recognizable and playable. In addition, two editions have been created with the classic colors of the rider back: blue and red. This way it can be used in many more card games. If you want more information you can go to the official website or the Facebook page and, if you want to buy the deck, you can do it in the Amazon store.

Good luck!