ROYALES Playing Cards. A night full of luxury in a Monte Carlo casino

When I found out that my good friend Lee Mckenzie (Kings and Crooks) was about to launch his new project, I couldn’t avoid that pleasant feeling, not too common, of a new quality deck, the result of meticulous work, prolonged in time, with an eye on the card fan and where the details make the difference. The campaign is live: ROYALES.

As in many of his creations, ROYALES is able to masterfully combine a refined and elegant style with a classic structure that drinks on the sources of the traditional cards what allows it to capture the interest of collectors, magicians and players.

Inspired by a casino night on the French Riviera, the cards have been produced with an almost monochromatic color scheme to highlight the profuse decorations with metallic inks that boost the idea of ​​luxury and elegance.



The fully custom indexes strengthen the elegance of the designs.



The back is sophisticated and full of details related to casino gambling. A symmetrical structure allows us to enjoy symbols that are reminiscent of poker chips, roulette wheels or black jack tables.



The tuck case, how could it be otherwise, is a delicate work of art that combines the designs on the back with that of the ace of spades in a luxurious display with embossing and foil on a stunning matte paper.



Printing will be done by the USPCC on Q1 paper, the highest quality used in casino decks, and the air-cushion finish for a unique handling.

In addition to the ROYALES CLASSIC edition, with a blue tuck case and back, ROYALES PLAYERS, a limited edition, exclusive for Kickstarter, has been released. It has a beautiful red tuck case, a borderless back with a casino-style diamond pattern, larger indexes and a metallic seal.



IMPORTANT! During the first 24 hours, all the contributions to the project will get a complementary deck for free!. You can not miss it. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!