BICYCLE HESSLERS Playing Cards. Functional coloring for everyone


A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet Matt Hessler, a friendly creator who took the courageous decision to produce by himself his own deck of cards: BICYCLE HESSLERS.

As a lover of playing cards designs and also of traditional cards, it caught my attention at first sight because it looked like a traditional deck with really attractive colors. So I wanted to know a little more about it and his creator to, of course, share everything with you.




As a good card player, Matt’s goal was creating a deck with something different and original but without losing its playability. The eternal struggle between the art design and the gaming tables finds a truce in this fresh proposal.

The most striking of these cards is their color: a chromatic explosion tastefully done without losing the essence of traditional cards.



In addition, the cards of this deck follow the four colors pattern for the suits: green, yellow, red and blue, which facilitates their identification especially useful in some traditional games. Each card incorporates the black index, the colored suit and the name of the card.




As in most card games, the jokers are useless, the artist decided to replace them with two special court cards called “The Black Maria” and “The Omnibus Knave”, which are much more useful to play the Hearts game, one of Matt’s favorite. In addition, a third special card includes instructions for this Hearts game. The 56th card includes some personal thoughts and quotes by the own artist, to give a special positivism to the deck and good vibes to those who buy it.




The back has also been customized with different colors using the Maiden Back instead of the classic Rider Back (USPCC’s policy about rider back modifications is quite strict).




Finally, the paper used for this deck is more than the Bicycle standard one as it has been printed on high quality Bee stock, so quality and durability are guaranteed.

Summarizing, this is a very interesting deck which certainly will appeal to all players, magicians, collectors and cardists. If you want more information you can go to the official website or the Facebook page and, if you want to buy the deck, you can do it in the Amazon store.

Good luck!