METROPOL ONE HUNDRED Playing Cards. One hundred minimalist decks for one hundred backers

Minimalist card fans and cardists will be definitely familiar with the Metropol decks, colorful designs by Mike Lambert (Metropol Cards) from two successful campaigns. Now Mike has launched a new and unique campaign: METROPOL ONE HUNDRED.



Metropol One Hundred is something different from its predecessors. Keeping the same pattern in numbered cards and, especially, in court cards, the designs are somewhat more elaborate and sharp, with white background in faces and dark backs, less use of colors, more sober and higher visual force.



This deck belongs to (and gets its name from) an original proposal by Kickstarter called Make/100, exclusive for projects that offer exactly 100 rewards. Therefore, it can not be simpler: 100 decks are available for 100 backers.

Given this very limited edition, the decks will be printed by MPC, in search of the best balance between quality and quantity.

If you want to get yours, visit  the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!