21 April

8-Bit Bicycle Traditional Decks. The Pixelated Standard Bicycle decks. More decks


Following their success on the 8-bit decks, the fantastic guys from Homerun Games, Michael Scott and Cobey Pile, have launched their 8-bit Bicycle Traditional Decks. Inspired by the Standard rider back decks, these use the same pixelated style of the previous decks, and are going to be produced in the traditional red and blue colors.

No need to explain much more about them, as they are simple and cool. Enjoy the images and go and pledge for them and for the rest of the amazing add-ons such as dice, chips, …

Furthermore, Homerun Games has launched their own deck line. Within this proiject, they are going to release two more funny decks: the Tradicional 2600 y the Gold mini-deck.

Good luck!


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