05 December

RUSSIAN FOLK ART Limited Edition Playing Cards. The court cards are more Russian than ever

A few months ago Natalia Silva launched the most luxurious of her decks inspired by Russian folklore, the collector’s edition, with a colorful design on a black background. Since its price was a bit higher due to its special features and its print-run was limited to 75 decks, many of her fans regretted not being able to get it. Natalia, who never wants to disappoint her followers, has decided to create a limited edition of a standard deck with the same designs: RUSSIAN FOLK ART LIMITED EDITION.




Keeping the in those colorful floral patterns with vivid reds, greens and golds on a black background, this deck mixes the designs of the very first red edition and the special edition and, as a novelty, court card and aces use the Cyrillic Alphabet in the indexes.




These nice playing cards will be printed by the USPCC in a limited print-run of 1000 decks.

Just a little more than 24 hours to end, the campaign is already funded so if you like it, hurry up and raise your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!




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