CARNAVAL DE MUERTOS Decks. Lively playing cards to celebrate death

The traditional Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico has already been the inspiration of several decks. One of the most interesting one was undoubtedly Fuego!, created by Nam Tibon (Cellar Window). Inspired by the designs of Nam and by Steve Simpson‘s illustrations, Noir Arts has released a deck about this popular celebration: CARNAVAL DE MUERTOS.




The designs on these cards are hilarious, with a humorous tone and fantastic coloring. The characters in the court cards live the fiesta more than anyone and enjoy it dressed in their typical costumes. Everyone is depicted in a frantic activity, from painting or music to wrestling. The joy of celebration overcomes this battle against sadness for those who are no longer with us.



A deck full of details that will be printed in two different editions: Marigold, with warmer colors in orange and yellow and Alheli, with colder colors in white and cyan. Both, printed by NPCC, will have their highest quality paper with linen finish and all possible extras in the tuck cases (inner printing, embossing and foiling) with original “suicide” seals. Some of those extras have been defined as stretch goals and have already been achieved.



The campaign is doing really good and it is already widely funded so don’t miss this opportunity and get your decks in the project website.

Good luck!