SILVER SACKBUT V2 Playing Cards. The second edition of the vintage spirit of Las Vegas

Almost a year ago Magic Square, a young Chinese company dedicated to the sale of cards and products for magic, successfully launched the first edition of the Silver Sackbut. The fantastic welcome fans gave to it makes them decide to launch a second edition: SILVER SACKBUT v2.

The vintage style of grand casinos continues to have a big impact on the card market and, therefore, this new edition offers four more colors and the best card quality.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s gambling films from the 90s, Silver Sackbut shows reminiscences of Las Vegas casino cards in the ’50s bringing memories of well-known decks like the Silver Slipper ones.



With the use of the traditional designs for the faces, only the ace of spades and the jokers have been customized, as well as the back and the tuck case, all decorated with the stylized silhouette of a sackbut, a wind instrument of the Renaissance and Baroque eras predecessor of the modern Trombone.



There will be four more colors, emerald, cyan, violet and gold. Each deck will include two extra gaff cards: double back and blank face. A nice stamp seal will reinforce the vintage aspect of the decks. The gold deck will also have a numbered seal.



As a deck designed for magic and manipulation, the best qualities and finishes have been chosen. Printed by the USPCC, it will be used Bee paper with Q1 quality, the maximum available, as long as air-cushion finish. Each color will have a different limited print-run, being 2500 for emerald and cyan, 2000 for violet and only 1000 for gold.

Furthermore, you will be able to get two different luxury cases to store one of each of the decks in this collection.




If you like quality cards, with standard faces and a vintage casino twist, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!