SLOTS Playing Cards. Try your luck at any of our casinos

Three years ago, two good friends started an adventure together that has grown into a prolific succession of decks. The team formed by Mike Wilson (The Doc/@thedoc318) and Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has already offered us three successful campaigns and has just launched the fourth: SLOTS.

Mike is a passionate of magic and cardistry who works trying to incorporate them into helping autistic persons grow in their social, motor and self-knowledge skills. Randy is an old friend of Max Playing Cards and one of the most versatile card designers. They have worked together inspired by casino cards and slot machines in a series of decks.

Liberty Bell, Wicked Leprechaun and Lucky 7 are the first three editions of a series of nine that will refer to fictitious casino names with historical iconography linked to slots (the first machine in history, the four-leaf clover or the symbol from number 7). This designs decorates the backs with geometric casino-style patterns and colorful symmetrical compositions.



To keep the essence of traditional playing cards, the court cards preserve the standard design with different color variations to match with the back and tuck case. Aces and jokers have been customized in true Randy’s style.



The tuck cases shine thanks to the use of two foils and vibrant color accents. In addition, as stretch goals, they will also include embossing and inner printing.

In addition to the standard editions, a limited run of 100 decks will be created, gilded in black, green and red. The limited tuck cases will be numbered by hand with a gold seal.



Like in all their previous projects, the decks will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co. at their facilities in Taiwan with their classic finish.

The campaign is already funded and there are enough days left to make them that much more impressive. If you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!