The minimalist and innovative Vända deck.

A new playing cards project launched at KickStarter: The Vända deck.

A simple and innovative design on high quality cards.

Main interesting features:

  • completely innovative deck design
  • simple, sleek, bold, and sexy back design
  • simple corner symbols (combined card value / suit pip)
  • all cards are rotationally-symmetrical (a feature that’s completely unique to vända deck)
  • unique new rotationally-symmetrical center pip symbols for hearts, spades, and clubs
  • bold graphic ace designs
  • unique diamond-shaped pip layout grid
  • typographic court cards
  • Bee casino-quality card stock (printed by USPCC)

It is also a very interesting deck for magicians:


  • three double-backed cards (red, gold, and purple back designs) for flashy color changes
  • gimmick card (13 of diamonds)
  • plenty of white space on all cards – perfect for signing chosen cards (and visible to an audience)
  • smooth color change effect to/from adjoining number cards (2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 8-10)
  • color change effect from ace of spades to back design
  • ‘magic’ air-cushioned finish for easy handling and flourishing


I will keep informing about this project that I think will be very successful. I plan indeed to interview the creator, David GoldKlang, to know more about him and his art.

Keep connected but, in the meanwhile, support this deck and have a look to the pics!