A beautiful story of overcoming and… playing cards

Now that everyone is sleeping here at home,  I will tell you a story, a very recent story, just of today. A beautiful story.

Last week I decided to take a vacation with my family after nearly two years of problems and stress without rest. When we had only three days of journey, little Rocío, my 6 year old daughter, felt down breaking her tibia. With a cast to the groin and a horrific heat we sadly came back home to start a new vital phase with more problems and concerns.

This morning, while checking the mail, I found a story that shocked me. A young man of 23 years, Marvin, was asking for money to buy his 22 years girlfriend, Leontiene, ill with cancer, three Bicycle decks for her collection.

I immediately contacted him to ask about the cards he was interested on and I was very happy to hear that two of the three he wanted were on my shelf, so I asked for the address to send him them.

I told Rocío that there was a “big girl” who was ill and who loved cards like daddy did, and when she knew I was going to send her a couple of decks, she sat down with her bad leg up and began to draw a postcard to be sent in the package .

She is always looking at me while I put into and get out decks in my drawers and she likes a lot to see every Bicycle brand design in my collection, so she designed her own Bicycle deck for the postcard (if HOPC see it, I am sure they will want to produce the deck). She also included a message of support to Leontiene. I could not help scanning it to share it here.

I wanted to tell you this story only to take out a bit of the recent stress and to reflect a little bit on the things of life. I will give no conclusions, each one should draw their own.

The full story about Marvin and Leontiene can be found here.

After that, I have noticed that forums and social networks are already in place to make this girl a little happier while she engages her long battle with cancer. This is not the first time that the playing cards community get involved in something like this. I know there have been more deck donations. I am proud to belong to this community.

If you want to help or just contact, you can do it through the facebook page of Leontiene or Marvin.

I sincerely hope that Leontiene gets well soon and that this story has a happy ending.