MIDDLE KINGDOM GOLD AND SILVER Playing Cards. New editions with much more relief

Middle Kingdom Bicycle White and Black were two successful campaigns created by Doug Frye in collaboration with Deveo Media. After completing the fulfillment of both decks, this team of mythology enthusiasts launch a sequel: MIDDLE KINGDOM GOLD AND SILVER.

The new decks share the designs with their predecessors, inspired by the ancient China, its origins and its deities. The main change lies in the color combinations: black on silver background and gold on black background.




With a line engraved style in a monochromatic design, court cards and aces depict relevant characters in the Chinese history, tradition and mythology. The awesome dragon in the back and the archers in the jokers complete this striking set.



The campaign is full of surprises. In addition to two nice commemorative coins, the creators are offering the previous Bicycle branded decks, both in their standard and gilded editions.


But what’s certainly the most interesting and exclusive item of the project is the ultra-limited set of decks printed by MPC in print-runs of 100 of each color and using the already popular high-gloss technology to give the cards a spectacular embossing. These special decks will be numbered and won’t be available in retailers so the only way to get them is during the campaign.

If you like what you see, please visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!