The latest by Collectable Playing Cards. Jeans and long sleepless nights

Here you have the latest two proposals by Collectable Playing Cards. Both follow the usual deck line offered by CPC: Bicycle branded custom cards printed by the USPCC. Both have been designed by Juniardi Satyanagara.






Denim is one of the most popular pieces of clothing in history. With a vague origin dating from the Middle Ages, its name comes from the French town Nimes, a reference in the cotton industry, base of this known fabric popularized in the United States by the merchant Levi Strauss.




Inspired by this durable fabric, the deck uses it as background with worn drawings in red, white and blue in a rather interesting result. Some details simulating leather patches with seams complete the ace of spades and tuck case. The back designs is made with the famous Rider Back used in standard Bicycle decks.

The campaign is almost funded. If you like it , you can get it on the project website.









There is something in common among serial murderers, insomniacs and some bloggers who collect, promote, and design cards while trying to survive with their day job. They spend countless sleepless nights. One possibility to spend the time when you cannot sleep is playing cards and CPC suggests us this deck for those waking moments.




From a very dark design, forms of intense (almost fluorescent) colors emerge. The deck has been a success since the campaign has doubled the original funding goal with still some days to finish.

With traditional court cards in fluorescent red and blue tones, customized suits and back use geometric shapes, peaks, spheres and cracks in a design between abstract and extra-terrestrial.

If you want it, just visit the project website and raise your pledge.





Good luck!

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