RongoRongo Playing cards. The secret code of the Easter Island


Tomas Leszczynski is a graphic designer with a long experience in corporate branding and marketing products and web designs. He has founded Matifu, a brand to bring educational games to the market. Matifu (“sand” in Swahili) is a tribute to crowdfunding and the way many single persons can change the world.

After launching the project Rongorongo a couple times, they have finally found the formula for success: RongoRongo Playing Cards.

Rongorongo is a system of glyphs used in the Easter Island to record their events: a written code that still remains as a mystery for modern decoders. The designs of these cards have been inspired by the scribes of Easter Island that used Rongorongo and by the Polynesian tribal masks. This is also a way to pay tribute to the Rapa Nui community that have fought for centuries to defend their rights on Easter Island.



Tomas has designed three different decks: Black, Gilded and Gold Editions. All three decks share the same designs with amazing color combinations. The details, the use of gold metallic ink, black and red and the tribal inspiration make these decks something nice and unique.



The strategy of the campaign is to promote a deck and gradually adding the rest as stretch goals. Furthermore, Besides the above, Bicycle branded, there will be an unbranded edition called Moai Gold.

Finally, some decks of these cards will be treated as collector items adding an hologram seal and certificate. These decks are being offered to backers as add-ons through a form system fill request.

All the cards will be printed by the USPCC, that in this case has authorized runs of 1,000 decks, which will help the production of all or most of the cards in the project.

The decks will be stunning. If you like the designs, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!