THE EERIES Playing Cards. Three angelic children struggle against the forces of evil

If you are one of those lucky persons in the world that reads Max Playing Cards too often,  you know that, beyond those remarkable elegant and intricate designs, I love finding decks with their own life, with an emotional and exciting inspiration. This is the case of The EERIES.


Despite the name, which suggests something disturbing and strange, EERIES shows us three “tender” children whose ages and personalities found in this deck something in common: their interest in the mysterious and the unknown. The trio is accompanied by a cat that, to no surprise, is black and is called Poe.



This is the first playing cards work by Ominous Midnight Gatherings (OMG), a designer based in Canada who is hoping to dip into the comic scene and launching this deck of cards as an introduction. Here’s the backstory behind the deck:


The concept of The EERIES stemmed from my love of the dark and whimsical (John Bellairs, Edward Gorey, Addams Family etc). It was all before the frenzied digital age of mobile phones and video games and it’s part of what I loved most about being a kid – simple, imaginative fun.


Initially, this deck was intended for just a few friends as gifts for X’mas but then some other friends/family saw and wanted to buy them. So I thought a small printrun thru MPC would be good. It was only when I joined Facebook about a month ago to post the cards’ development that a friend nudged me to join Kickstarter. Now I’ve partnered up with someone in this KS adventure!


If I have time next year, I would love to roll The EERIES out as a graphic novel/comic for those who still relishes creepy, sinister stories for the younger audience.



The deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company in a limited edition (1000 minimum) if the fund goal is met. Some improvements on the tuck case such as embossing or foil will be made as stretch goals.

If you like the cards, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!