LUXX Palme Playing Cards. Elegance inspired by Paisley pattern. PRE-SALE

When the first LUXX decks were released, they were defined as the beginning of a brand that would become the distinguishing mark of JP Playing Cards.

After two versions of that original deck designed by Randy Butterfield, JP launches the new LUXX PALME.

LUXX PALME has been designed by Rick Davidson, the creator behind Origins. Although this deck goes on with the elegance and harmony of the whole series, Rick’s style is present in every card.

The artwork is inspired by the Paisley pattern, very well known around the globe. That pattern is present in one of the most stricking elements of the deck, the cards back, borderless and elegant, is able to make really attractive fans.




The court cards are based in the traditional ones with that subtle customization that makes them bold and special.


LUXXPalme_courtcards02 LUXXPalme_courtcards01


The tuck case closes the circle with an elegant wrap-around design, full embossing and a foiled LUXX logo.




2000 units of each deck (blue and red) will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company on Elite finish.

As JP did in the previous releases, there is a pre-order period of two weeks where you can get your Palme decks with a discounted price. If you like this beautiful cards, visit JP Playing Cards and take advantage of your pre-order special promotion.

By the way… JP will release the Gilt Edge versions in January together with a very Limited Number of Shadow Edition and First Edition Original LUXX decks.

IMAGES by Keshav Mongia