DISCOUNTED BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS. A little bird, specifically a parrot, told me

A few months ago, the BICYCLE PARROT project was successfully funded and its production and fulfillment was recently completed.

The artist Renee LeCompte had designed several years ago her “Parrots of the World” deck with portraits of some of these species. Following a collaboration with Will Roya ( on the Strigiformes project, Renee began designing a new version of her original deck.

This work has materialized in two colorful decks that share designs on the numbered cards but have different tuck cases, backs and court cards. For those who missed the campaign, the last available decks are now available to the general public on the website.



You will find the Standard Edition, the Extinct Edition and a special and ultralimited Gilded Edition. with a cool multicolor metallic effect.



In addition, during these days, and only until Sunday, Will offers a 20% discount on all Bicycle decks in his extensive catalog. using the code BICYCLE in the purchase.

A fantastic opportunity to get new decks for your collection.

Good luck!