BICYCLE PARROT Playing Cards. Hundreds of colorful birds in every corner of the deck

The world of parrots includes more than 370 different species. It is not strange that such a colorful family of birds becomes the protagonist of a deck: BICYCLE PARROT.

Renee LeCompte is a parrot-loving artist and designer who created several years ago her “Parrots of the World” deck with portraits of some of these species. After working with Will Roya ( on the Strigiformes project, Renee began designing a new version of her original deck.



Now Will offers us not just one but two decks that collect an impressive number of different species of this bird. The suits are organized by region showing parrots from South America, Australia, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, Asia, and the Philippines.

The court cards feature colorful illustrations with symmetrical compositions in the traditional style.



The aces show majestic birds with backgrounds decorated with the suits they represent.



One of the most interesting and creative aspects of this deck are the numbered cards. Instead of using a traditional scheme, the artist has created fun compositions in which each number corresponds to an equivalent number of characters in them. This feature will delight fans of fully custom playing cards.



Two charming jokers and a symmetrical back complete this pretty card game.



In addition to the Standard Bicycle edition, a second edition, Extinct, has been created with a different tuck case and new court cards featuring unfortunately extinct parrot species. A tribute to Nature that reminds us of our commitment, sometimes unfulfilled.



Both Bicycle branded decks will be printed by the USPCC. During the campaign, some stretch goals such as custom seals will be unlocked.

If you want to fill your collection with color, visit the project website and raise your pledge

Good luck!