NEWFOUNDLAND FOLKLORE EDITION Playing Cards. A charming look at traditional stories and legends

Exactly one year ago, Graham Blair, a graphic designer with extensive experience in woodcuts using traditional methods, stepped onto the stage of playing card production with Newfoundland, a beautiful, simple and charming deck. After selling more than 8000 units of his first creation, Graham has decided to launch his new work: NEWFOUNDLAND FOLKLORE EDITION.

After the success achieved, Graham wanted to create a complementary deck to the previous one, which would maintain its inspiration in the inhabitants of the beautiful land of Newfounland but, at the same time, would tell new stories. Thus, if in the first one focused on the most popular and traditional activities of its locals, this second transports us to their stories and legends.

If fantasy, legend and fairy tales are therefore the forgers of many cultures, Newfoundland folklore traditions are represented in the different characters of the court cards. The suits  represent the folklore of the home, the sea, the woods and the night, bringing together heroic characters and mythical creatures, sometimes disturbing and dangerous, that scare children (and not so children) from generation to generation.



The jokers feature two folktale characters, Jack and the cunning Devil, dressed as fishermen from Portugal, an early colonial presence in Newfoundland. The back is a symmetrical composition of partridgeberries (or lingonberries) contrasting with the wild blueberry from the previous deck.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited edition so print quality is guaranteed.

If you want to get this piece of history and folklore, visit the project website and raise your pledge. You can also get the first deck as an add-on if you missed it.

Good luck!