Bicycle Feudal Playing Cards. The epic battle between Ninjas and Samurais


Ninjas, Samurais and frenetic action. After several great creationsScott King (Crooked Kings Cards) brings us the most courageous decks created till now: Bicycle Feudal.

If ninjas and samurais would have a bloody feud, these cards would be the perfect graphic expression of such an epic battle. Two different decks, completely customized and nicely illustrated, depict both sides of this strife.



Everything in the decks is strong and deep. The court characters seem to go out from the cards to finish with your life. Murderous and bloody eyes show the hate in their hearts and everything around them, their apparels, their weapons, their signs and their poses give the cards a unique aspect.

You can even combine both tuck cases to create an amazing scene of the battle field.



Although the decks are ornately illustrated, they keep the design clean enough to use them for any card play, even the customized pips are good enough for that. I have to admit this is the nicest design I have seen in any of the decks produced by Crooked Kings, and I love the rest…



The decks will be Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC. The project is almost funded and a little birdie told me that there are fantastic surprises hidden to be revealed as stretch goals. (with at least, two more decks).

If you share my enthusiasm about these decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!