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09 March

THE RIGHT OF KINGS Playing Cards. Get your court and conquer the medieval world

The world of board games is quite wide and alien to playing cards collectors. However, there are times when a board game hides great playing cards decks. That is the case of THE RIGHT OF KINGS. The passion for illustration of Alex Rivas and the sensitivity of Paul Lombardi in his wood works have led them to create a campaign together with an exciting board game. Inspired by epic medieval struggles between kingdoms for power and domination, this board game ensures…

30 November

Play Fair Playing Cards. Simple design for an elegant manipulation

    Kei Izumi is a Japan-based photographer and also a professional magician. He recently launched a new project called Play Fair.     While collectors are always looking for intricate designs with cool illustrations, magicians and flourishers are specially interested on simplicity in design. That’s the case of Kei. After using many different designs, he wanted something simpler, so he decided to design his own deck of cards. This is the very first playing cards project created in KS…

29 November

Bicycle Feudal Playing Cards. The epic battle between Ninjas and Samurais

  Ninjas, Samurais and frenetic action. After several great creations, Scott King (Crooked Kings Cards) brings us the most courageous decks created till now: Bicycle Feudal. If ninjas and samurais would have a bloody feud, these cards would be the perfect graphic expression of such an epic battle. Two different decks, completely customized and nicely illustrated, depict both sides of this strife.     Everything in the decks is strong and deep. The court characters seem to go out from the cards…