Openhearted Max Playing Cards. The most complete interview

Throughout all these years immersed in the the world of playing cards, I have had the opportunity to meet many people and interview, in a more or less formal way, some of them to investigate a little more about the human beings behind a logo , a brand or a design. However, it is the first time that someone shows interest in knowing about Max Playing Cards in such a deep way and the experience has been so good that I wanted to share it with you.

EndersGame is one of those people whose passion runs through everything he does. His reviews of decks (and other gaming or magic products), interviews, and articles are simply superb. His stories are deep and well documented and his editorial style is impeccable. But the best, without a doubt, is his kindness and human quality and the affection he shows to all those he comes close to. He contacted me some months ago to interview me in the most complete way I could ever imagine and it has been a pleasure working during this time answering each and every one of his questions. He has just published it under the title “Interview with Collector, Creator & Consultant Max (Max Playing Cards)” on the PlayingCardDecks blog, where he has been collaborating since the beginning.



If you want to know everything behind Max Playing Cards, its history, its evolution and to know more about me, you cannot miss this reading. If you are looking for quick and concise information, do not bother to enter because the interview is long and the result of a conscientious work, but if you have patience and you want to know everything, then do not hesitate, visit the link and enjoy.

I hope you like it!