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01 May

The dark side of Kickstarter. A light at the end of the tunnel: Back to Asylum. Deep INTERVIEW and PROMOTION for readers.

  MAX’s NOTE This is the longest article I have ever published in Max Playing Cards. I have though of writing about Kickstarter’s dark side for a long time and the launch of this Back to Asylum Project has been the perfect excuse. I am sorry for having been so profuse in explanations, details and information but I have been working for a long time on this and I think the content of this article is worth the time to…

31 October

Grimoire Series Part One decks. The colorful fantasy of magic creatures. Interview to Edgy Brothers

  After “Día de los Muertos”, one of the coolest campaigns this year with nothing less than four different decks, my good friends at Edgy Brothers launch a new creation: The Grimoire Series Part One. Taking advantage of their kindness, I made them some questions about this new project. This is what they said to me: Max Playing Cards – Hello my friends, welcome to Max Playing Cards, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to know more about you and…

18 April

An intimate look at Uusi and their lives before and after designing playing cards

  As a friend of Max Playing Cards, you know that as a collector, I feel passion for playing cards design and I like to know everything about the creation of new decks, the inspiration and the human beings behind them. I am pleased to have met great artists and great people, and I can even presume to consider myself a good friend of some of them, because their generosity and passion for a well done job has made me…

04 January

Different deck. A completely different deck

  After his labyrinthine playing cards, the Mazing Bicycle deck, a real successful project, not only for the deck itself but for the way he handled it, Brian Daniel South and Teach by Magic comes back with a completely different deck… yes, it is The Different Deck.     I have talked to Brian and I have preferred to directly write his thoughts as some of them are full of emotion and I don’t want to contaminate them at all. Furthermore,…

02 January

First annual insight into crowdfunding for playing cards. Part 1

  Kardify is a fantastic friend website dedicated to spread the voice about playing cards and creators. Ivan, the man behind Kardify, contacted me to collaborate in the first annual insight into crowd-funding as a platform for funding playing card projects and I thought it was a great idea. He already made an interesting analytics post for KS projects on 2013. We have been working on it and he has published the first (of three) articles. You can visit Kardify…

29 October

Last days of Bicycle Cthulhu. Interview to Dan Criss and SPECIAL OFFER for readers

  Yesterday, I was talking to Dan Criss, the creator of the new Bicycle Cthulhu decks I was writing about some days ago. He is an enthusiastic of his work and we were talking about the project and the third deck of the campaign that is really near as a stretch goal. I took advantage to ask some things about he and his work and here you have the summary of what he told me. “From the moment I first…

29 September

Bicycle Wanted Dead or Alive deck. Playing cards with reward!

  From the Wild West, a group of legendary characters inspire the Bicycle Wanted Dead or Alive deck. There is a story behind each of the characters present in these cards. Wyatt Earp, Annie Oakley, Doc Holliday or General Custer appear in some of the court cards of these 52 cards completely customized by the Canadian graphic artist Vincent Tran. Vincent said to me: “Growing up, I think most people have seen one or more wild west films, tv shows…

28 August

Imperial Playing Cards. A behind-the-scenes look to the royal eggs design

  There are some creators out there that have become a reference in the playing cards world due to their talent and art but also to their fine work. If you make the top ten list of those creators, one of the first five positions would be occupied by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company), the creator of the amazing Ornate decks and other cool playing cards.     His last work is the IMPERIAL DECK, a fantastic design inspired on…

22 July

Bicycle Venexiana deck. Interview to Lotrek and exclusive images

  Venice, the Adriatic Queen, is one of the most inspiring cities for artists all over the world. That’s the case of Lotrek, from Half Moon, a Greek designer that decided to make a Bicycle deck inspired on the city of canals: Venexiana. This is not his first design for playing cards, as he already worked on two stunning Bicycle decks: Timeless and Butterfly, but this is his very first project as the whole responsible of the deck. It is…

27 June

DECO: the new creation by Encarded. Interview to Paul Carpenter

  Paul Carpenter (Encarded) plans to release soon his next creation: DECO As I did when Tendril and Aurum were released, I have had the chance to interview him in order to know something more about this new deck. I hope you enjoy it.   Max – Hello Paul, thanks for answering once more some questions for Max Playing Cards’ readers about your new deck DECO. Paul Carpenter – It is my pleasure, Max. Max – Where the inspiration for…