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17 July

DANCE OF DEATH Playing cards. A trilogy of monochromatic death

Hans Holbein the Younger was a German artist who masterfully commanded different expressions of pictorial art and printmaking. Known as one of the greatest portraitists of the 16th century, one of his most controversial works, of which he even had to conceal his authorship, was the series called “Dance of Death”, 51 xylographies (woodcuts) showing medieval allegorical drawings with sarcastic allusions to the Church of the time. Inspired by these works, Sergey Kostyuchenko has launched the second campaign of an…

14 June

Bicycle Calaveras. The mexican revolution and the Day of the Dead

  The traditional Day of the Dead is the inspiration of this amazing deck by Chris Ovdiyenko: the Bicycle Calaveras. Chris pays tribute to the work of Jose Posada, a famous nineteenth-century Mexican paintmaker involved in the revolutionary movement, and reinterprets his work in a set of cards full of original designs. In addition to the cards, Chris offers among its rewards some beautiful signed and numbered xylographies (woodcuts) depicting the artwork used in the deck. They are unique pieces for…