MAGNA CARTA Playing Cards. The historic war for peace

After his famous Seasons series, Alex Chin releases a new campaign that keeps his usual elegant style but with a completely different inspiration and design: MAGNA CARTA.

Magna Carta was a chart agreed in 1215 to establish the peace among an unpopular king and a group of rebel barons, in the search of a lost justice. It is  a precursor of modern political regimes where the omnipotence of a king is limited with the use of councils or assemblies.


MagnaCarta_Large Joker

Inspired by this historical moment, Magna Carta decks represent the conflict on both sides: Royals and Rebels. The Royals deck, mainly black, represents the king and his empire while Rebels deck, in white, represents the nobles united against the royalty.

Both decks are intricately designed and full of details, symbols, quotes perfectly studied and depicted to perfectly fit in harmony with the theme.



The court cards represent real characters involved in the historical moment. No improvisation here, but a deep study based on the historical costumes have inspired the designs of the suits to represent different family factions.



The suits have also their own symbolism. The cross in King John’s coat for the Spade, the Angevin Empire in the lion face for the Club, the fleur de lis of Louis VIII in a sword for the Hearts and the crest symbol of of the baronial opposition’s leader, Robert Fitzwalter, for the Diamond.



The tuck cases are the perfect container for such nice and elegant decks. Like it happened in the Seasons series, the designs are continuous so they pair perfectly together to help create any suit you choose.


MagnaCarta_2 Decks


Apart from Royals and Rebels, a special limited edition has been created, the King John deck, representing the origin and motivations of the Magna Carta, featuring King John with the Rebel Baron’s gold. These cards come in a specially printed tuck case from USPCC and features brilliant gold gilding along the edges of the Rebels deck. This gilding is made to hold in regular play and will not chip as easily as other gilding methods. Only 500 of these decks will be produced and are available only through select tiers.



But there is another surprise hidden on these decks, the world’s first hexaptych deck series. Inspired by old book collections, Alex has designed this awesome mural formed by six parts. Each deck reveals a slice of this moment in history with an illustration of different members related to the Magna Carta. A different faction is featured on either end so that you literally get to choose a side! By collecting two of each deck you can recreate this Master Mural in full. The visual system was created in a way that works with almost any deck combination to create a cohesive image.


MagnaCarta_Full Mural


All the decks will be printed with USPCC so beauty and quality will be together. Enjoy the high-resolution images. You won’t want miss these nice cards so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!