HORSEMEN Playing Cards. Four cavaliers that bring us a huge plague… of design and talent

One of the most gripping and terrifying fantasy stories was written at the island of Patmos, off the coast of Asia, 2,100 years ago, by someone named John, whom everyone associates with the apostle friend of Jesus. This book, included in the New Testament, is called Revelation, and it narrates, in the form of prophecy, the events that will occur at the end of time. Its symbolic character has caused a multitude of interpretations and has also served as an inspiration for all kinds of artistic creations. One of the best known passages is the one that mentions four horsemen who carry plagues to all mankind. Inspired by these fragments, a new deck has just been launched: HORSEMEN.

Tony Young is a collector, based in the United Kingdom, in love with playing cards. He decided to open two years ago Just Play Cards, an online store to share this hobby. Now he takes a new step and embarks on the exciting adventure of playing cards design and production. Horsemen is the result of an amazing collaborative illustration work with Russian artist Maria Schatten, who made her own interpretation of Tony’s designs in pencil drawings (available in the campaign) that were then colored and adapted by him on each card.



The court cards are inspired by the original stories, with beautiful symmetrical compositions and a striking setting full of disturbing details and symbolism.

In addition to the enormous talent put into the designs, the deck is a display of elegance and luxury in its finishes, including cold foil on backs and faces and embossing and foil on tuck cases. Thus, two editions have been created: Standard and Collectors. Something that card fans will appreciate is that they are not a a simple change in backs and tuck cases, but the card designs are also different, while based in the same original illustrations.



The Standard edition will use a blood red foil with deep embossing on the tuck case. The cards will have gold and silver foil on backs.



The Collectors edition has a more elaborate tuck, with gold and silver foil and deep embossing. The cards will have different indexes and designs and will also use gold foil accents on the faces.



The cards will be printed by Carta Mundi in Belgium, with their popular B9-slimline stock that offers a fabulous handling. The tuck boxes will be printed by Boschiero & Newton in Italy, a letterpress company that has specialized in productions with high-quality materials and finishes.

In addition to these two decks, you can choose as add-on an interesting miniature gilded edition, with the same luxurious details of its older sisters, produced by WJPCC and a beautiful coin created by Coins For Anything in the USA.



An awesome proposal with friendly shipping to UK, US and European Union. Just Play Cards has made a grand entrance into playing card crowdfunding and production.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!