Bicycle Evolution deck. Cards in a time capsule


Elite playing cards cannot stop designing cool decks. After the successful  Ritual, Divine, Majestic and Platinum, they have completely moved from their elegant and classic style towards a futuristic atmosphere with their new Evolution Bicycle deck.

The deck is like a time capsule, made in intense red and blue, with shines and sparkles, where the court cards are inside their own evolution cabins. It is a cool deck with some incredible surprises as stretch funding goals that include metallic inks, tuck box inside printing or reflective blue foil in the box.

These 100% custom and original art in all 56 cards will be printed (just one time) by the USPCC on quality Bicycle stock and Custom Finish.

Enjoy the gallery of images. You can’t miss this deck. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!