BUSKERS Playing Cards by Erik Mana. From the elegance to the street art


Erik Mana, the creator and magician behind the beautiful Mana decks, is preparing his next launch that will be released in a few days: BUSKERS.

This deck is inspired in the street art and culture and all those generous artist that work hard against many difficulties to  spread their art all around the globe.



Erik himself was once a busker early in his magic career, so this deck has also a portion of his own story. Each court card represents a particular type of busker from the magician, juggler, musician, mime, contortionist, and many others.



There will be two editions of the deck in two colors: Sol (sun) and Luna (moon). Both decks will have these features:

  • Printed by USPCC production
  • Hand illustrated court cards, jokers and diptych.
  • Borderless back design – simple but intricate. When you look closer, you will see its true composition
  • Vintage theme
  • Air Cushion Finish
  • Special diptych included


The campaign will be launched on Feb. 21, 10am EST, so I will come back with more info and photos as soon as it is available. For the moment, enjoy this teaser with hi-res photos.

Good luck!