BUTTERFLY SPRING Playing Cards. Nature in vivid colors

This spring is not going to be like any of the ones we have lived so far. The world is upside down and people are sadder than ever. However, spring is a time of blossoming and renewal and Ondrej Psenicka is one of those bright and optimistic human beings to count on to cheer up. He wanted to give this season a bath of color with his new BUTTERLFY SPRING Playing Cards.

Although there is no reference to spring on the cards or on the box, its release coinciding with the beginning of the season will make everyone know it by that name.

This new deck is part of the Border Series and it is not a marked deck. The usual elegance of the Butterfly decks, designed by Stefan Eriksson, is dressed in colors with a spectacular black bordered background back, with a subtly asymmetric design and a beautiful chromatic combination by Tereza Kovandova.



Being a deck made especially for manipulation and cardistry, color is the main focus. Thus, the eye-catching designs bring out the aces, two different jokers and the court cards.



Although it is not a deck created specifically for magic, those who want to include it into their tricks will be able to make use of two extra gaff cards with blank face and double back. Of course, they can also combine them with any of the other editions since it has been printed by Carta Mundi using their famous Slimline finish.



Despite using the classic matte black on the case, this deck is easy to distinguish thanks to a colorful stripe.



This is a limited print run of 1000 decks and only 900 are available (1 brick maximum per customer) so they’ll definitely sell out fast, much faster than the 24 hours the offer will last. If you want to get yours, visit the Butterfly official store.

Happy Spring!