02 July

Received Bicycle Spectrum deck. Multicolor magic.

A little bit late, I know, but they are at last in my hands!

Bicycle Spectrum deck, directly received from a good friend, the great Cosmo Solano, magician and creator of this amazing deck specially conceived for magicians (and collectors, of course).

After a successful KickStarter campaign, funded more than seven times the initial goal, magicians and collectors all over the world already have the only TRUE Bicycle rainbow deck! A bicycle deck with regular faces (with customized ace of spades and jokers) and 52 different colored backs. Apart from reveal joke, this deck includes two gaff cards for magic performances.

A Bicycle quality deck with Magic finish.

Find my photos with both versions. Cards are identical but the first limited edition  (2500 decks already sold out) had a gold seal while the rest editions have the traditional USPCC black seal.

I hope you enjoy and contact me if you need a deck. Have a look to the promotional video:

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I'm Max, a collector and passionate about playing cards. Since 2012 I try to spread this passion to everyone who goes through Max Playing Cards. In my articles I do not just talk about cards, as I try to look for the stories and the human beings behind them.

I would like to complete my collection of Bicycle decks some day, but now I know that is impossible ...

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