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18 February

Spectrum 52 and Spectrum Edge. The new brothers of the Spectrum Bicycle deck by Cosmo Solano

  Almost three years ago, Cosmo Solano created Bicycle Spectrum, one of the most popular decks between magicians and cardists. It was a standard deck with the Bicycle Rider Back in different color for each card.  The Bicycle Spectrum deck is in it’s 3rd printing and the Tally Ho Spectrum Deck was created in 2014, becoming another top seller. Over 20,000 spectrum decks have been printed so far! Following this success, Cosmo Solano has launched a new project that offers two new…

02 July

Received Bicycle Spectrum deck. Multicolor magic.

A little bit late, I know, but they are at last in my hands! Bicycle Spectrum deck, directly received from a good friend, the great Cosmo Solano, magician and creator of this amazing deck specially conceived for magicians (and collectors, of course). After a successful KickStarter campaign, funded more than seven times the initial goal, magicians and collectors all over the world already have the only TRUE Bicycle rainbow deck! A bicycle deck with regular faces (with customized ace of…