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08 May

HONEYBEE ELITE Playing Cards. Quality, design, price .. as sweet as honey

When a magic shop with international scope joins a renowned artist to create a playing cards line, the success is assured. That’s exactly what Penguin Magic did in 2015 by counting on Randy Butterfield to create the first edition of the HoneyBee Playing Cards. The success was brilliant and the first two editions sold out in a very short time so a second edition and a special edition using the Metalluxe back foiling technology were produced. That success was followed by…

02 November

GOLD IMPERIAL Playing Cards. Faberge eggs more luxurious than ever

While he enjoys the success of his latest campaign, ROME, Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has decided to launch his very first self-funded and self-fulfilled project: GOLD IMPERIAL. More than three years ago, Randy created a set of two original custom decks called Imperial. Inspired on the Fabergé eggs of the XIX Century and Imperial Russia and created from original 3D Models, the campaign was successfully funded but this Gold deck, created as a stretch gold, couldn’t be printed. After a few…

23 April

Cosmic Lanes Playing Cards. Switch the lights off and let’s bowl!

  The Bowl-A-Rama project has just finished and one of its most interesting stretch goals has not been funded. Now the great Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has launched an “express” campaign to fund it separately: the COSMIC LANES Deck.     Following the dynamic style of its Bowl-A-Rama sisters, Cosmic Lanes is a very special deck for several reasons. The first and most important is that it is printed using Glow-in-the-Dark ink.     Furthermore, it will be a plastic deck…

15 March

BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards are in the alley yet!

    A few days ago I gave the scoop about the launch of the latest solo project by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company). The campaign is on and it is succesfully progressing: BOWL-A-RAMA. As I said, this is a deck inspired by bowling, a sport that has been part of the creator’s life and his personal and family memories. The deck is an explosion of color and reflects the enthusiasm Randy has set in the designs. Cards perfectly evoke the atmosphere…

06 March

Midnight Bowl-A-Rama Playing Cards. Strike!

  After his first solo project, Draconian, the great Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) has prepared something cool, fresh, original and striking: Bowl A Rama. Randy is much more than a simple fan of bowling. He and his brothers bowled in leagues a lot when they were kids. He was even on a league in California for a few years in his late twenties as well and his parents still bowl on leagues so the inspiration came really fast in this case. The…

20 September

DRACONIAN Playing Cards. The last creation of Randy Butterfield is on fire

  There are talented artists, talented designers and also those who are able to carry their own style to everything they touch. The best example of this is Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company), Randy is a talented artist and designer really easy to be recognized in any of his creations. He has already designed a lot of popular playing cards well know by their bold and elegant style like the Ornate series, the Imperial decks or the very last LUXX cards….

04 March

ORNATE white and Obsidian. The definitive campaign with 10 decks. Exclusive images

  Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) created the very first version of ORNATE decks in 2012, Sapphire and Scarlet. It was such a big success that he created two more color combinations: Amethyst and Emerald. The decks were produced and distributed by House of Playing Cards and they sold out quickly.     After other professional projects, including the cool Imperial Deck, Randy decided to play again with the colors and launched the finale with ORNATE Playing Cards: White Edition….

28 August

Imperial Playing Cards. A behind-the-scenes look to the royal eggs design

  There are some creators out there that have become a reference in the playing cards world due to their talent and art but also to their fine work. If you make the top ten list of those creators, one of the first five positions would be occupied by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company), the creator of the amazing Ornate decks and other cool playing cards.     His last work is the IMPERIAL DECK, a fantastic design inspired on…

11 August

Ornate decks by Randy Butterfield: the interview

If I would be asked about the best five decks of 2012, I would include, without any doubt, the Ornate decks: Sapphire and Scarlet. Ornate decks, created by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) have become one of the most acclaimed and desired products along last months. The design is stunning and elegant, and the whole image is simply amazing. They are printed by USPCC in Aristocrat stock and Premium Magic Finish so high quality guaranteed. No sense to talk more…