Bicycle ANGELARIUM TRILOGY Playing Cards. The fantasy and the enlightened beauty of a mysterious world

In March 2015 I spoke of two impressive decks inspired by a fantasy emanated from the imagination of Peter Mohrbacher. Now, Erik Dahlman (Albino Dragon) has just launched a new and stimulating edition: the ANGELARIUM TRILOGY.

Following the style of the previous ones, the court cards of these new decks show us different creatures in beautiful and detailed illustrations. Observing carefully each of these pieces of art is a real pleasure full of details and emotions.

Thus, Albino Dragon adds to their already extensive catalog of official license cards a total of three different decks: Seraphim, Emanations and Watchers, in which the differences are not only in the tuck cases and backs but also in the court cards illustrations.



This amazing artwork joins a high quality printing by the USPCC and the Bicycle brand making these decks a unique collection or a daily use and enjoyment deck of cards.

Unlike other campaigns by Albino Dragon, this time the offer is not limited to the United States, so the international backers can get them at certain tiers.

If you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!