LEPIDOPTERIST deck. The fusion of art and nature in charming playing cards

When an inspiration is artistic, elegant and evocative, the result of the work must be too. This is the case of the deck that I bring you today: LEPIDOPTERIST.

Ethan Kowalesky, the human being behind Kowalesky & Co., has extensive experience in the world of illustration and although this is his first solo deck, he has designed other decks and items related to playing cards with prestigious companies like Theory 11. The designs fuse the inspiring Art-Nouveau artistic trend with the most beautiful of insects, the butterfly, specifically the one known as the Madagascan Sunset Moth.

In this way, art and nature merge in an elegant deck, with a high degree of elaboration. Of all the cards, the aces and jokers stand out for their delicate design.



The complete customization of the deck has not prevented the court cards from keeping the traditional structure, with small changes and details that, together with a new color palette, offer a full playability.



The back is very elaborate, with a complex geometric and monochrome design whose visual energy is reinforced with the use of metallic brass ink.



The geometry of the back is repeated in the designs of the tuck case, full of details on all sides and in which the artist has made clear his skill and experience in branding and packaging illustration.



The case is closed with a beautiful vintage style stamp inspired by an early 20th century design.



Three editions of this deck have been created for the campaign with the same cards and three different cases. The standard edition will use a green stock with black and white foils and embossing and a print run limited to the needs of the project. The Release edition will add a nice brass foil to the previous one and will be limited to 1000 units. Finally, the Deluxe edition will use a burgundy stock and a holographic foil with an ultra limited print run of 500 decks.



Ethan couldn’t have had better allies in this production. The cases will be made by the prestigious Clove St. Press, a benchmark in the world of letterpress and quality finishes. The printing of the cards will be done by the USPCC and the fulfillment will be carried out by Art Of Play, which will guarantee a smooth development of the project.

The campaign is almost funded so if you want to take part in the latest push to make it happen, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!