YOGA Playing Cards. A spiritual and balanced deck

Body, mind and spirit participate in one of the oldest meditation practices. Manoj Kaushal (9780 Design) has just created a new deck with that inspiration: YOGA.

Manoj wanted to do something special that, on the one hand, collected the essence of yoga and, on the other hand, was recognizable and interesting for playing card fans and players. Thus, he has used elaborate mandalic patterns as the basis of design. In this way, the deck conveys that sense of peace and harmony with a perfect balance.

For the tuck case, the image of a “yogi” has been chosen in the more well-known pose: Lotus position. Typography, backgrounds and colors contribute to the calm atmosphere.



The card back is stunning, detailed and borderless. It would be the perfect back for a marked deck (although this deck is not marked).



The court cards are the real protagonists of the deck, with their impossible poses (at least for me), preserve the symmetry and, above all, the hair styles and the orientation of the traditional faces. A symphony of a vivid watercolor palette highlights the figures on the monochromatic backgrounds.



The aces are beautiful, full of elaborate geometric details.



Without doubt, a very nice deck, which will be printed by the EPCC, perfect for collecting and also very clean to play and manipulate.

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Good luck!