Heretic Playing Cards. The elements of alchemy and the mystery of geometry


Just a few months ago, Lorenzo Gaggiotti surprised us not only with an awesome deck of cards, Requiem, but also with an interesting story behind every card. The campaign was a success and the decks are already in his backer’s hands so as he promised, his second deck has been launched: Heretic.



In fact, this is not his second design, as Heretic was designed even before Requiem, but Lorenzo has finally delayed the launch and in the meanwhile he has changed the name of the deck several times and has improved designs and graphics.



The cards are simply fantastic. Inspired on alchemy and full of symbolism, geometric shapes and a mystery atmosphere, it takes its name because the artist commits a considerable number of “heresies” against the classic interpretation of the traditional cards. For example, Jacks are women, the kings of diamonds and clubs have exchanged their weapons and the king of hearts has decided not to finish with his life.



Each group of court cards represents a different element relevant in the alchemy. This way, Jacks are related to salt, queens to sulfur and kings to mercury.



The artist has designed two different decks: Lux and Noctis, not only with different back color but also with some different aspects on faces and box. Noctis will be unlocked as a strech goal but having in mind the progress of the campaign (already funded) it will be a reality for sure.



As another heresy, the uncut will have only 54 cards, although there will be a card number 55 (and even 56) chosen by backers.



Lorenzo’s previous experience with USPCC regarding the quantity of decks to be produced was not as succesful as desired so, in this case, the decks will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, a printer that is taking a good position thanks to high design and quality decks.

Another fantastic deck that will delight all the card fans. If you like the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge. It will be a cool addition to your collection.

Good luck!