New decks by ART OF PLAY. Preparing Christmas time for all playing card fans

We are back with some of the new releases by ART OF PLAY




After producing many variations of the Ace Fulton’s Casino playing cards created in 2012 as a collaboration between Dan and Dave and illustrator Dan Phillips, Art of Play has decided to revisit the original decks with a new touch for the traditional red and blue backs.

Inspired by Las Vegas casino cards, Ace Fulton’s designs combine a retro style with a modern finish. This new editions have fresher retro red and blue colors. The court cards use an Arrco-like traditional pattern and a new ace of spades and jokers.



The cards are inside a standard tuck case with a vintage-inspired tax stamp that keeps the essence of the original.



Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s trademark thin-stock and Cambric finish, you can get both colors in Art Of Play.



Apart from the individual decks, you can also find for a fantastic price a cool twin pack inside a cardboard box that has been limited to 1200 sets.





This deck has been produced by Art Of Play in collaboration with TRÜF, a creative studio in a constant search of design innovation and decades of marketing expertise.

The designs are modern and minimal with a explosion of geometrical creativity full of abstract craziness. Every card is a canvas of customization without losing cleanliness and playability.

The letterpress-printed  tuck case is very beautiful, in black and white both inside and outside, with geometrical patterns and a cool red seal.

Printed by the USPCC using the thin-stock preferred by cardists, you can get it at Art Of Play.





SDCO partners is a multi-disciplinary studio of designers, developers and thinkers. They have collaborated again with AoP to create this nice and minimalist deck of cards.

Inspired by geometry of simple objects, these custom set of cards have been carefully designed with clean lines and curves in a balanced harmony.

The cards with white background faces, a borderless back and two matching jokers are packaged inside a premium embossed tuck box.



Printed by the USPCC it uses the thin-stock preferred by cardists. Get it at Art Of Play.




These are just a few examples of what Art Of Play is offering during this Christmas time. They have also amazing surprises like the Mystery decks or the 25 days of Christmas with a new deal everyday. You can keep in the loop through their newsletter.

Do not forget to keep an eye on Max Playing Cards publications and I will keep you updated on the latest news about Art Of Play.

Enjoy your cards … but with art!