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27 February

SACRED DRACOMETRY Playing Cards. The mysticism of sacred geometry and dragons

Sacred geometry has historically been interpreted from many disciplines such as philosophy, mathematics or metaphysics. The relationship between geometric forms and nature are present in the culture from the Platonic solids to modern fractals. The presence of sacred geometry elements in the circular magic symbols used to summon dragons inspired Galen Ihlenfeldt, a lover of mythological cultures and graphic fantasy, to illustrate his new deck: SACRED DRACOMETRY. In its development, Galen has included elements from sacred geometry and each card is full of magical…

29 December

Shards Playing Cards. Geometric fragments and metallic inks

  Perhaps you remember System 6 and the Believe deck. Michael and Devonte strike again with a completely different proposal, a minimalistic deck with geometric cut design: Shards Playing Cards. The deck has been designed by the Italian artist Filippo Marongiu and will be printed, if funded, by the USPCC with at least four metallic inks in both front and back, something unusual that would make this deck really amazing. A cool die cut in the box will reveal the color…

11 November

Density deck, where geometry and playing cards intersect in an elegant design

  This campaign is already funded and almost finished so if you have not heard or read about it, this could be your last chance to get the Density deck. Created by the artist and designer Roni Lagin, Density is a game of geometry and icons depicting a new re-interpretation of the classic playing cards. The result is a balanced design with a touch of elegance. The deck will be printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and air cushion finish….

13 March

Bicycle geoDeck. Geometric simplicity

  Garrett Olin (GODesign), an architect and designer obsessed with triangles, presents its Bicycle geoDeck, a deck with simple geometric shapes If funded, the USPCC will print 2,500 copies of this Bicycle branded deck. I leave you some images. For more information, please visit the project page. Good luck!