CAPSIZE Playing Cards. The deck of a sea dog

Circe’s Game is a new and enthusiastic creator who breaks into the world of custom playing cards with CAPSIZE.

Capsize collects charming illustrations to theme a deck with a nautical inspiration. The designs have been taken care of to offer an interesting product for all audiences: magicians, collectors, cardists, players, …

The court cards show members of the crew in a classic, symmetrical configuration. All four clubs have the same illustrations of sailors and captains on white backgrounds in clean designs.



The aces are starred by curious crabs that play on rocks covered with algae with whimsical shapes that remind us of classic poker silhouettes.



A subtle customization in the numbered cards makes them elegant and keeps their playability, although the structure of the pips has been slightly changed.



Special cards have been created with magicians in mind. The jokers show two different scenes of a lighthouse succumbing to the attack of a giant sea monster. Two gaff cards complete the set to provide a great resource for card magic effects.



The back is simple, with a white bordered symmetrical pattern of ropes with sailor knots.



The deep navy tuck case is striking, with beautiful marine illustrations that combine the rudder, anchor and captain’s hat on the front and the large Kraken hugging a compass and an anchor on the back.



Some extras in the tuck case have been defined as stretch goals such as the inner printing or the custom seal.



The deck will be printed in a limited edition by Carta Mundi in Belgium, with their well-known B9 true linen finish.

If you like the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!