Bicycle Excellence deck. French refinement made in the USA


My friends from Elite playing cards have released their last creation: Bicycle Excelence deck.

Elite Playing Cards have found the perfect combination between style, luxury and design offering really nice and elegant playing cards. Although following a common line, each new deck is an allegory to the refinement and quality. Their creations, Ritual, Divine, Majestic, Platinum, and the Premium collection decks, Gold and One Million, have become a reference among players, magicians and collectors.

This is a limited edition of the third deck on their “Premium collection” series. The inspiration comes from a travel to Paris, France, the city of light, love and fashion. The elegance, the haute couture and the luxury inspired this cool creation.

Elite always thinks of collectors and professionals, and the elegant and soft curves of the design fit with the awesome red and gold color combination and the highest quality materials.

As stretch goals, the tuck box will be made with a high quality red vellum paper and gold foil, that feels like velvet and instead of ink, the design will be created entirely from several layers of highly reflective gold foil. There are also other stretch goals including embossed tuck case, and limited edition closure seal.

If you want to get some of these marvelous decks, you can go to the project website and raise your pledge. The deck is already funded so I hope the improvements that will make this deck even more unique can become a reality.

Good luck!