Aquila Decks. The first playing cards project by Kardify



If you follow Max Playing Cards activity, you know I collaborate with other card projects and websites. Last months I have had the opportunity to work with Ivan Choe, the head of Kardify, a fantastic website dedicated to playing cards.

Kardify has inaugurated a “projects division” with the release of a new deck: Aquila. Aquila has been designed by the Indonesian artis Adey Suryana and it is really cool. As Ivan has provided me with the press information, I will reproduce it and translate it for the Spanish version to spread the voice about this new deck.

Huntley IL, April 2014 – Kardify Projects is proud to announce the release of AQUILA Playing Cards on Kickstarter. This custom deck of playing cards will be printed by the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), producers of the popular Legends and Exquisite brand of playing cards.

Created by Three of Clubs, AQUILA Playing Cards is meticulously designed by Indonesian graphic artist, Ade Suryana. AQUILA or eagle in Latin, is inspired by the Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, Indonesia. This large mythical bird with eagle-like features has been featured in many cultural and religious mythologies, and has become a cultural symbol in Bali and Java.

The AQUILA designs encompass two decks of different custom Playing Cards, the Standard Edition (White) and Limited Edition (Brown). They are accentuated by exotic and elegant details throughout with an intricate borders on the back and beautiful background patterns on the face card. Also, each of the court cards is custom and unique, which exemplify the uniqueness of the two decks. There are only 1,500 Limited Edition decks available and once these reward tiers are filled, they are sold out and never to be printed again.

An elegant Collector Box is included with every Collector Set pledge. Each Collector Box will include one Standard Edition deck, one Limited Edition Deck and an exclusive certificate hand-signed by the designer, Ade Suryana. Each Collector Set will come with a numbered holographic seal. There are only 500 Collector Sets available.

This will be LPCC’s first deck on Kickstarter. “Legends Playing Card Company is excited to be part of this campaign!” said Lawrence Sullivan of LPCC, “We hope you support this revolution in playing card quality, helping us innovate and explore new printing processes.

I wish Ivan and Three of Clubs the very best luck on this new venture. You can’t miss the opportunity to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!